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Hickory High School offers a wide-range of Academic, Art and Athletic opportunities. These programs offer multiple opportunities for the diverse population that attends Hickory High School. These opportunities constitute the AAA Recognition of Excellence program.

At Hickory…

Hickory High School houses 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. These grades equal approximately 855 students.  The approximately 80 professional staff members are dedicated, diverse, accommodating and willing to help in the academic as well as social arenas.  The entire professional staff is considered Highly Qualified according to NCLB and PDE regulations. The professional staff has earned bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in secondary education, administration, specialty areas and guidance.

Academics & Curriculum

89 % of seniors attend four-year colleges. 8 % of seniors choose two-year colleges.

The Class of 2015 has exceeded all previous classes by being awarded over 3 million dollars in scholarship monies. This feat demonstrates their dedication and commitment to Academics, the Arts, and Athletics at HHS.

Act Composite Score: 22.0   SAT: 510 Critical Reading    490 Math        490 Writing

The HHS Program of Studies booklet (available online) is used to guide students through their high school careers. It is designed to prepare students for their next step. The core classes of English, science, math and social studies offer different levels of academic rigor. General, academic, advanced and Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available for all students to explore and challenge their academic limits.  

The Jones Library at HHS has recently updated our Jones Cyber Distance Learning room. Distance learning options are available within your various classroom settings.

 Four years of Spanish and French world language, with accelerated options, available.

A variety of electives in technology, industrial arts and science are offered each year and we are constantly striving to add more opportunities for all students.

The HSD is proud to host our annual Career Week each February. At HHS this week highlights a variety of post-secondary options, military careers and interview procedures. An alumni panel constitutes a very important question and answer session with all sophomores.

HHS has also begun a new tradition with our affiliation with Business Week and the ACES Program. The Americans for Competitive Enterprise System has entered into a venture providing high quality, business education experiences through a week-long Business Week Program each fall.

In 2014-2015, HHS has teamed with the City of Hermitage and the eCenter at Lindenpointe to offer the Entrepreneurship Academy. In 2015, five HHS seniors and students from neighboring districts will embark on a year-long program that introduces them the S.T.E.A.M –Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. This program combines real-world business experience with creative design.

The Hermitage School District and Hickory High School offers a QUEST program designed to meet the needs of the gifted and talented.

Specifically designed instruction for students with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral difficulties, vision, language and speech concerns are available as well.

Programs designed to aide students in the preparation for PSSA exams are also available.  These involve specific interventions that cover eligible content in either, reading, math or both. 

HHS AP scores have risen steadily and now exceed state and global averages! We are proud to report that 68.3 % of all AP students scored a 3, 4, or 5 on their exam. In addition, HHS now offers 10 AP courses in a variety of core academic areas. Also, in 2013 HHS was recognized as an AP Honors School for participation, offerings and performance. During the 2015 school year, 160 AP exams were taken and an average score of 2.9 was achieved. Furthermore, 65% of our students earned a 3, 4, or 5 on their exam!

Dual Enrollment opportunities, through local colleges and universities exist for qualifying seniors.

Hickory High School offers the full complement of Mercer County Career Center options. HHS students may attend the career center to acquire specific vocational, work-related and college preparatory skills.

A full explanation of credits, available classes, dual enrollment procedures, AP courses, freshman – senior requirements and Mercer County Career Center programs are available in the course of study booklet found on the Hermitage School District website.

In addition, the school counselors offer a wide-range of services from career prep, college scholarships, social counseling and peer support. Please visit the guidance section of the HSD website.


HHS has four computer labs, iPad and Chromebook carts, Classroom Response Systems and a technology integration coach. Additionally our classrooms are equipped with projectors and some also have interactive white boards.  The Jones Library also contains a distance learning center and 35 computers that students, teachers and staff-members can access for a variety of research based activities, presentations and conferences.

All parents/guardians can access their son/daughter’s grades through eSchoolData. This is an online program that uses secure passwords to access all academic information for each student in every class.

Basic computer classes as well as programming and advanced programming classes are available for every student.

Please visit the HSD website or any school to receive a copy of the Mobile Device Policy.

At Hickory High School …

Students are provided the opportunity to express themselves appropriately and interact with the faculty and administration. A strong peer-mediation program that assists students to resolve their conflicts peacefully is active and well. An ambassador program that shows student leaders how to positively influence their peers is in development.

A Student Assistance Program (SAP) works in conjunction with the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission to identify, provide support and assist students in need. Teachers volunteer their time to meet twice a month and discuss referrals of students experiencing a variety of concerns identified by caring and trusted staff members.  

In Closing…

At Hickory, EXCELLENCE is the expectation. We are very proud of our students’ academic accomplishments, artistic endeavors and athletic achievements. We are proud of our facilities and community support for our school. We strive for constant improvement, a dedication to high-achievement and the building of positive relationships between our students and staff. We stress the need for all students to become well-rounded individuals and stress the importance of how you represent yourself, your family, your school and your community. Hickory High School is proud of its traditions, its past and we are excited about the future…the HIVE is alive with activity and promise! 

‘BY THE NUMBERS’ for the class of 2014…

In Academics:

* 11 consecutive years of Adequate Yearly Progress on the PSSA exams

  • Recognized as an Advanced Placement Honors School
  • 82 seniors possess a cumulative GPA 90% and over and are wearing their honor cords this evening
  • 74   seniors have earned a cumulative average over 93%
  • 29   seniors were recognized at the Annual Acad. Awards Banquet for having a 97% GPA and above.
  • Finally, 15 seniors possess a HHS cumulative average ABOVE a 100% for four years.

In the Arts:

* 25  seniors are involved in either marching, jazz, or pep band

* 11  seniors are involved in orchestra and/or chambers orchestra

  • 2   seniors have earned all state honors in orchestra
  • 17   seniors are involved in the choir program
  • 4   seniors have earned all state honors in choir
  • 3    seniors have earned all county or district honors in band
  • 6    seniors have earned all county or district honors in choir
  • 2    seniors have earned all county or district honors in orchestra
  • 11   seniors have been recognized at the local or state level for excellence in painting/drawing
  • 17    seniors have participated at some point in their career in the annual spring musical
  • In the Silver Cord’s program first full-year of existence 15   seniors have taken this opportunity to volunteer in the community for a combined total of 790 hours of community service.

In Athletics:

* In their 4 years as a Hornet: 28 region titles have been won

  • 11   District 10 titles have been won
  • 2  state titles and 3 state runner-ups have been earned
  • 2   final four’s in PA and  3 elite 8’s in PA have been earned
  • 15   seniors have earned all-state athletic honors
  • Class of 2015 has been a part of winning 6 consecutive Si Lyman awards.
  • And finally…out of 422 total athletes in grades 9-12 during the fall, winter and spring of the 2014-2015 school year…these athletes possess a combined GPA of 94.68%.


Chris Gill

High School Principal 11-12


Diane Brest
High School Principal 8-10

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